1903A2s - the forgotten 1903

2022.01.17 14:45 WhatAWorthlessUser 1903A2s - the forgotten 1903

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2022.01.17 14:45 Person21323231213242 Pay your power bill, Myanmar soldiers say, or pay with your life

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2022.01.17 14:45 just_a_fellow_nobody GOT THE WHOLE CLUB LOOKING AT HER

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2022.01.17 14:45 DefN0iz Berries On A Picnic - 1.2 tez 5/5

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2022.01.17 14:45 Noahz147 Gligar With Razor Fang

Does anyone have a gligar with a razor fang, I can offer leftovers and a silk scarf, Please.
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2022.01.17 14:45 WilliamTJ Burning Stars, Me, Graphite Powder and Pencil on Ampersand Claybord, 2021

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2022.01.17 14:45 book1245 A replica of the first In-N-Out in Baldwin Park

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2022.01.17 14:45 Batman4everderp Jesus Christ it's Jason Bjorn [ns]

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2022.01.17 14:45 Brz0skwin Playing Greece to Byzantium

Hi. Any advices about playing Greece and forming Byzantium? Every time I try, it's 1940 when I end building my army and industry and every time Turkey joins to Allies. It makes that I have war with nearly all world.
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2022.01.17 14:45 rth1027 Bednar says no that’s mine

Stepped in it again with my wife. I feel like these are an opening statement to confessional – forgive me I’ve sinned – its ben 37 days since I last stepped in tapirshit.
So she starts to share with me her newest read through project in the BoM. Her best friend lives behind us. This woman’s sister lives in Oregon somewhere. Apparently Bednar visited and told how to get more out of the BoM. To pick a word / topic and read the book with that in mind. Mark it up. Write your thoughts. Write all over it page by page of your findings. When you finish it – put a label on the side of the book – Topic 1. Shelf it and get another BoM and repeat that with the same word / topic, label it topic 2. Repeat – topic 3. After you have done it 3 times you will see how amazing god will have taught you. [I swear these cats are just stewing for ways to keep members busy.] Next pick a new word -1,2,3. New topic – 1,2,3 rinse and repeat. My wife then mentioned – and this is where I stepped in tapirshit. Again I keep forgetting the lesson DON’T TALK. So according to this urban legend Bednar expressed not to share this. That his kids have asked to look through it. He refused to share it. No that’s mine. Well she saw my face expression shift [need to work on my poker face]. Asked me what are you thinking?
Why wouldn’t he share it. He’s an apostle? He’s their dad. That seems strange to me and reminds me of the 10 virgins and their oil lamps [why virgins – why not just guests]. Said I don’t like the story – why couldn’t they share their oil. I would rather share than not. It seems in conflict with the good Samaritan – did the Samaritan tell the injured on the side of the road “where is your roadside emergency kit? You’re not getting anything from mine.”
To say that didn’t go over well is an understatement. No – hmm that is interesting. Straight to I’m always looking for the bad parts.
The irony is the word she is using as her topic is Happiness. As I left for work this morning I gave her a kiss and she read her notes of this morning with me. I kept my pie hole closed and smiled. But I couldn’t help thinking this book is so mind numbing.
I listened to an old Mormon Expressions this weekend. I think it was the one of their 10 dumb or weird or something series. In it one of the co-host talked about how the book of Mormon was not supposed to be written and certainly not supposed to be published. The others asked what he meant by that. He then added JS was a prolific story teller. Stories that are fun in the moment. His mom loved them. But that doesn’t mean they were supposed to be written down, but someone did. And here we are scores and scores of years later looking at them like they were literal. He said he read the Twilight series. Laughter and teasing started. He said I read them because I wanted to be able to have conversation with my wife. Point is, they are a horrible story. The Dialogue is horrible. They shouldn’t have been written or published and certainly not a movie. Same with the BoM. I think that was an excellent point. The BoM stories are decent fun campfire stories at best.
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2022.01.17 14:45 WEHRTECHNIK-Magazin Evakuierung aus Afghanistan – Größter, längster und gefährlichster Einsatz der Bundeswehr

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2022.01.17 14:45 Bucky_bared No title, can’t think of one

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2022.01.17 14:45 bexxyboo opinion: is it ok to follow an ambulance through stationary traffic?

A conversation I had with a friend makes me come for more opinions.
I commute daily down a road that is mostly stationary/slow moving traffic, so I'm filtering down it every day. But it's also a main route to the city hospital, so ambulances are a semi-regular thing.
I (obviously) get out of the way for it and let it pass when I can safely pull back into the lanes. But, is it ok to then follow the ambulance where I would be filtering anyway?
It feels like a dick thing to do, and I tend to wait for a minute or two to let traffic settle again before continuing to filter, but I could very easily just follow the ambulance with little issue.
What do you guys feel about this? Would you follow the ambulance or wait for a bit?
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2022.01.17 14:45 LSAT_Blog Taking Timed LSAT Practice Tests

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2022.01.17 14:45 idontenjoyfortnite song recommendations? i think ive found everything i like from Breaking Benjamin. What are some other artist you guys recommend? am i missing something from BB? Please help

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2022.01.17 14:45 Hot-Thought2780 reading comments on instagram

i read her comments and referenced something someone said and she told me it was stalkerish behavior… is what i did wrong?
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2022.01.17 14:45 No_Luck_2572 internalized ableism

i feel like my internalized ableism makes me get upset with people for doing things people have gotten upset with me for doing in the past. but then i feel like it’s not my internalized ableism im just neurotypical because i judge other autistic people sometimes which makes no logical sense ??? i am sick of gaslighting myself my brain hurts
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2022.01.17 14:45 AmorBTW Anomaly 1.5 Uninstall

I tried out anomaly and its not for me but i have no idea how to uninstall it from my computer. It doesn't appear within the control panel to uninstall and there isn't an uninstaller executable.
Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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2022.01.17 14:45 Ok_Cod_8499 Question about Kita (American moving to HD)

I recently received a job in Heidelberg and will be relocating from the US to Heidelberg in April. My husband and one year old will be moving with me. My husband has not found a job yet, as he is finishing his university degree here in the states before we move, but he will job search when we arrive in Heidelberg.
My questions are about registering for Kita. I know you can use the central registration online, but do you have to have your housing registration first? The relocation service that my company paid for does not include Kita placement, but has a partner that will do it for 750€. Is that worth it? If we wait to apply until we get to town and use the central registration, how competitive are spots in HD? I have read that some places are incredibly competitive, but I don’t know where HD falls on the spectrum? I know we won’t be top priority since my husband won’t be employed full time yet. Would we have better luck after he finds a job? What do we do if we are on waiting lists but both are employed? We would like to get my daughter into a Kita as soon as possible to help with language development, since my husband and I are still in the process of learning German and it would be MUCH better for her to learn from native speakers.
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2022.01.17 14:45 SumDumbENGrmgr Regret

I woke up to a massive 24% dip. Had every intention to load up in my wallet and my kids’. I got called into a meeting and by the time I came out, we’re at 12% dip.
I have a buying approach wherein I only buy at 20% or greater dips. Probably foolish, but it appears to have slightly worked out.
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Everything you see in the title I can offer you at a very good price compared to the competing ones on the market! So I leave you a link to my disocrd server and I'm waiting for you to do a fair deal!
My server Discord: https://discord.gg/AG9QCKX5pq
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2022.01.17 14:45 monsterasaur ID help // any IDeas? 🍄 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🍄 Thanks!

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2022.01.17 14:45 itsminetta Kenny boy would be thrilled if his looses were only 200%

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2022.01.17 14:45 Kindly_Operation583 Any sweeter coffee bean recommended

I like sweet coffee so give me your recommendation
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2022.01.17 14:45 Apart_Ad_5208 What unusual foods cause a flare for you?

What foods make you flare? I found out cheerios does it to me lately...
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