Doge Run, I am never selling | Play To Earn Release 7th February | In Game NFTs ready to mint | Staking Incoming | 24/7 Open Voice Chat

2022.01.17 14:27 ZookeepergameWild85 Doge Run, I am never selling | Play To Earn Release 7th February | In Game NFTs ready to mint | Staking Incoming | 24/7 Open Voice Chat

I am still holding Doge Run because
Doge Run has:

- Fun Play To Earn Game game that offers in game NFTs, staking coming very shortly

- Available on Desktop & Mobile

- Level 1 & 2 are already playable on their website

- Play To Earn releases on the 7th of February, offering 2 play modes:

Competitive mode, where you need to complete level 1-5, potential earnings are up to $100/day

Single level mode, where you can play whatever level you want, potential earnings are up to $20/day

- The NFTs are already live and ready to mint, they can be used as in game skins and give boosts/buffs for the rarest ones

- Active & Loyal Community, Telegram Voice Chat is open 24/7 and you can ask any question at anytime and will get a very fast reply

- Daily DogeRun contests at 19:00 UTC, where you can win $200, just screen share your screen and play the game

This is the perfect dip to buy, with big marketing incoming, their P2E releasing on the 7th, I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes to 50m in one go

It’s not everyday that you see a coin with an actual utility that is already released and such an active & loving community


Contract: 0x29b86ecb7d434a5571f959f1c9a812b7aab34894 (to play the game, click on demo)

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2022.01.17 14:27 CloverBells21 [Discussion] Series 12 Groudon - Zacian Teambuilding!

[Discussion] Series 12 Groudon - Zacian Teambuilding! Hi everyone, CloverBells here!
I meant to post this a few days ago, but I kept forgetting/got busy haha. So now begins a whole plethora of teambuilding for Series 12, and we'll start it off with a solid Zacian - Groudon squad! Here's the main version, but there's 2 others (talked more about in the post)
Zacian: So with Zacian this is the format where it's fair and viable to run Play Rough, for the sole reason of Yveltal and Palkia matchups. Heck, Palkia just won the largest VR Series 12 tour with 550+ participants! With Grimmsnarl screens, you can afford to go slower, but Adamant and bulkier. If you want, you can take away some of the attack and invest more speed (194) so that after an airstream you can outspeed opposing max speed Timid 252 Venusaurs in the sun (291 vs 290).
Groudon: Standard set but the EV spread with the Sitrus Berry + Light Screen can allow it to swap into Kyogre's Water Spout, take the hit, and recover enough HP so that you can take another one!
Venusaur: Also a standard set but this one has the Life Orb for extra damage output and you can afford this since you have the help from Grimmsnarl screens. Great into Kyogre matchups
Charizard: This is the AV Charizard set with Ancient Powder and against opposing Zacian teams or Zacian Sun teams, this is your answer since you don't have much for an opposing Charizard , so having that rock move really helps.
Incineroar: Standard Incineroar with goggles for extra security against sleep shenanigans from Amoongus or Venusaur. Good against Calyrex Shadow with Throat Chop
Grimmsnarl: The straw that stirs the drink and makes all the defensive damage calcs work. Speed control with Scary Face is nice, and Spirit break can help Zacian take on the Palkias and Yveltals as well. Helps Incineroar with the Calyrex matchup.
If you want more details for the EVs and damage calculations, I made a video of this going into more detail, and I also made 2 more versions of this where I changed the items and movesets and EVs, and even swapped out the Charizard for the Thundurus. All of that is here in this video, along with some sample battles on Showdown!
Let me know what you guys think~
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2022.01.17 14:27 TrippSick Question regarding the Ariel Atom reward for seasonal championship?

So, I've completed this championship twice now, coming first place for all three races, using the correct car classification, and still cannot unlock the reward vehicle? Just curious if this is a common issue, and it will eventually reward me the vehicle?
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2022.01.17 14:27 Marsmallowpuffin We all know the stories of the Hollywood stars, but what about ours? Who's the most kindest or most arrogant BV?

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2022.01.17 14:27 DJ_Jacobs Inquiry on Morph creating a a "zooming in" effect

Hi everyone,
Im making a powerpoint presentation, and I wanted to create an effect of "zooming in" to a photo using morph. However, i know you have to use the same image, and if you use that the ending image becomes really pixelated. Is there a way so that I can still get the same "zooming in" effect but then you don't need to use the same image? I have a second image that is higher quality but zoomed in. I know you can build an animation where you zoom in, and while it's zooming in it becomes pixelated, and then you just make the previous image disappear and the high quality one appear instantaneously. But while it's zooming in it looks pretty pixelated, and the appear-disappear transition doesn't look too smooth/great. Any ideas on how to improve this transition to make it look professional?
Thanks a lot for your input!
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2022.01.17 14:27 raspberry_jelly23 How do I get more depth of flavor in my Thai curry?

I made a green curry dish with chicken last week and it tasted a bit flat. However, the second day leftovers tasted much better, more similar to a restaurant dish. How do I get better depth of flavor on night one? I’ll list the steps that I do, hoping that someone will help me revise:

  1. Heat tablespoon of vegetable oil on skillet, sauté 4 oz of Maesri green curry paste for a min or two
  2. Add chicken pieces to skillet, cook until meat is pretty much done
  3. Add 2 cans coconut milk, simmer ~5 mins, add a couple spoons of sugar
  4. Add bell pepper, onion, and mushroom…cook ~5 mins or until tender
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2022.01.17 14:27 MariaValkyrie "gO fINd a HoBby If YoU wAnT fRiEnDs"

Maybe in the 90s that would have been possible, not now all the niche hobbies are full of the same kind of people that would have bullied me relentlessly for participating in them back in the day.
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2022.01.17 14:27 Truffle_Report Global Coalition Launches Campaign to Reschedule Psilocybin

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2022.01.17 14:27 fallinouttadabox Thanks I hate Jewish vampires

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2022.01.17 14:27 Errorizer What's the GOAT cube?

Is there a cube that's considered GOAT? What's the best cube ever
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2022.01.17 14:27 Map0fThePr0blematic My DLSS feature wishlist

I made a comment about this a few days back, now I want to make into a post to see how others feel about it.
These are 3 things I would love to see added to DLSS in the future.

  1. DLAA(Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing). Similar to DLSS but with the upscaling part cut out, have input and output res be the same with DL handling the AA. The result is a superior less blurry TAA with lightly lower performance. I'm sure hidden in some driver release blog there was a mention of this being added into a game as a test but we have heard nothing since, I hope it sees the light of day.
  2. Ultra Quality mode. Really simple this one, another option above Quality closer to native resolution. 75% ish would be perfect so you could get 1080p input res on a 1440p display. This isn't needed so much on a 4k display, but for anything below it will be great. Coming from someone that has both a 4k and 1440p display, I can say that DLSS definitely works better at 4k than 1440p. A higher quality option could solve this.
  3. "Dynamic" DLSS. I know Doom Eternal has some combination of DRS and DLSS, but I don't think it works how I would like, even if it does, I would like it to become a more standard DLSS option. I would like to be able to select an FPS target along with an lower and upper bound for my render resolution, the final output resolution should always be the same as my monitor with DLSS handling all of the upscaling. For example I set Performance mode as the lower bound and Quality as the upper bound(Ultra Quality or Native would also be nice options) and the game switches between the modes depending on framerate.
Thoughts? Disagree? Agree?
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2022.01.17 14:27 Spiritual_Yak5933 What are leading/open ended questions?

Hi, Male here.
What’s a leading question? I have heard a lot about leading and open ended questions but I don’t know what they are. Could someone provide some examples please? My intention is to get-to-know-you, flirt and date? (I have zero flirting and dating experience. Any help is appreciated.)
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2022.01.17 14:27 sukafreeboomy D16y7 to b18c swap help!

I was wondering if this swap would work I have a 1996 Honda Civic lx sedan. I’ve seen people talk in forums about it but never about with my certain car so I’ve never attempted to do it.
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2022.01.17 14:27 KhaosByte Keeping your **** hot in the frozen tundra

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2022.01.17 14:27 YertSpecialist20 Maintenance tomorrow, Tuesday

Does anyone have any speculations on what it is? Or will it be more infrastructure maintenance?
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2022.01.17 14:27 Just_Geus In honor of getting 200 readers on my Twitter feed, I drew another art with the Vex horror of crime city :))

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2022.01.17 14:27 PsychologicSeeking Heh. (I fell for that shit once when i was REALLY new. I am ashamed.)

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2022.01.17 14:27 crazybananamama Baby stem cell preservation -

An obligatory disclaimer that I hope I'm posting this in the correct sub - long time reddit lurker who just created her profile. Here goes:
I'm in the 3rd trimester and I was approached by a company that collects and preserves baby stem cells upon delivery. Until this week the topic of baby stem cell banking didn't occur to me - I have tangentially heard of it, but have surface level knowledge.
Can anyone here share their opinion/experience with these types of health services? I'm not asking for advice on a provider, just about your opinions and experience with choosing to or not to pay for stem cell preservation.
According to the search I did, not pretending to be scientific or thorough, where I live (a southern EU country) such services are only offered by private companies and that fuels a bit of skepticism. So yeah, I'm a bit lost if I should at all consider this for my baby.
Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.17 14:27 burningmaserati help me find a book that I haven't read (?)

so I came across the author (who's name i dont remember) through Instagram's REEL section about the book she recently released. All i remember is that I visited the author's profile (around the first week of January 2022) and found their account and books interesting.
•The author is a FANTASY writer. •They recently released #2 book in the said fantasy series. •They have fanarts pinned on the wall of their room where they record their reels •Their user id has 'author' in it •They have mentioned the said #2 book on their bio as well • The book cover is black
I know that it's a really vague description (and I am sooooo sorry about it) of the book or the author but I'm LOSING my mind for the last two weeks to find the author again on Instagram. I really hope i come across their post again
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2022.01.17 14:27 StartingTheNeXTStep Stay warm out there guys and gals

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2022.01.17 14:27 ourheavenlyfodder Help with a fictional currency?

Sorry if this is out of place. I genuinely don't know anything about economics, but I've liked the grounded nature of UE's videos a lot, so I thought this community might be the place to post this concept and get feedback.
I'll explain it as best I can. The edges are fuzzy. Like I said, I don't really know what I'm doing. :P
The government comes out with a new currency. This is in addition to the normal currency, which works more or less as it currently does.
Working name for the currency is Laudits.
It is a highly regulated digital currency. It MAYBE could be physically minted under very specific needs cases? But given how it functions I’m not sure how that would work in practice.
To access it/download the app/service/bank is an opt-in process that involves extensively proving that you are a single individual and that this is your only account/access.
In general the government doesn’t mint this currency.
The public does. Using the app/service.
People who have the app can mint one Laudit at a time to give to others with the app.
There is likely some kind of cooldown timer or rate controller, so people can’t mint infinitely. You can only mint one Laudit at a time, and you can only mint [X] Laudits per [Time frame]. Also a limit on how often you can Laudit the same person in a time window.
It is easier (and faster) to mint Laudits for local gifting that it is to gift them non-locally.
So, it’s easier to Laudit a street performer or kind person at the store than it is to Laudit a youtuber or influencer. Maybe local transactions and distance ones use a different cooldown?
You cannot Laudit yourself, and the number of Laudits you can mint at a time doesn’t stack – you can only ever mint one at a time.
There is a maximum number of Laudits you can earn in a [time period], and a maximum total you can have, after which you cannot receive more, and others’ attempts to mint them for you just won’t work and won’t reset their cooldown.
When you receive a gifted Laudit, you now have a spendable Laudit.
You cannot exchange Laudits directly for cash. You cannot invest them into stocks or speculation. Laudits are for exclusive use for approved Goods and Services. Businesses that wish to be able to accept Laudits have to also prove who they are prove their product/service is what it says on the tin.
When you spend a Laudit, its conversion rate to dollars (or whatever normal currency) is highly contextual to both yourself and the transaction. Laudits are automatically converted (or given a set dollar value which they can be traded in for) when spent. A Laudit might be worth anywhere from $.01 to $500,000 (as made up numbers) depending on your situation and how you are spending it.
Laudits are an extremely regulated currency. Theoretically regulated by an incredibly democratically elected government. (Though the obvious interests at play in this part would probably comprise much drama and intrigue).
A combination of your personal information (things the IRS would already know, mostly, plus any information you might willingly offer in addition) and the good/service being offered would set your exchange rate at a custom level for each transaction.
The goal (ideally, but probably imperfect in practice) is to turn material need or an estimation of actual value into spending power. So someone who doesn’t have a place to live would obviously get more value from a house than someone who has two houses, meaning that their Laudits might have a really good conversion rate when it comes to things like housing. Whereas the other person might have such a poor conversion rate that it would make more sense just to use dollars.
No matter who you are, things like food and necessities have a decent conversion rate. But that rate is set per-transaction, maybe with a cap on certain transactions depending on the nature of the good/service being procured.
Meaning that maybe your food conversion rate tends to get worse after you’ve spent your first [X value] on food that month, on a gradual scale. So it won’t be that easy or cost effective to hoard handsoap or pumpkin spice speculatively (though I imagine it would still happen). But the point is, when you are filling what the Laudit formula defines as an unmet need, that gets better rates. The rates quickly deteriorate afterwards.
Childcare, education, healthcare/medicine, food, shelter, utilities, veterinary care and similar tend to get the best rates.
If something is a matter of life and death, it basically always results in a conversion rate so generous that it becomes basically free to the spender.
Of course this also means the government is paying for all these purchases made with Laudits. When someone spends Laudits on a house, the government is converting those into cash for the seller. How much that would end up costing them would likely depend a lot on how rates were set, but I imagine it wouldn’t be cheap. Presumably they’d set aside an estimate for what they think people will spend with Laudits in the annual budget, and then have to correct for what actually happened the next year.
I’m also not sure how this system would keep those currently holding vital assets from using this opportunity to price gouge the government. I do think there should be some kind of system for like – IDK. If you bought a house for Laudits, you can only sell it for your Laudits back for [X] time, or something. You can’t get cash for it right away.
So, okay, firstly. Could something like this ever work? If it could: What would it need to become relatively stable? What would be the most likely and/or best methods for deciding exchange rates? How could that play out, both in the immediate execution and over time? Both good and bad outcomes? How much money would it actually be? What kind of taxation rate would be necessary to pay for it? What numbers are actually reasonable (I threw around some made up numbers, but I imagine if you put them together as-is this idea would break immediately). Is this already an economic concept or theory I could read somewhere? I don’t know anything about economics, so I imagine I’m missing some glaring holes. I’ve also probably used terms wrongly. I also imagine this idea isn’t all that new and other people have proposed similar systems, in which case I'd love to be pointed in a good direction to where I could read about that.
Hope this was an okay first post, and thanks for any input.
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2022.01.17 14:27 stormriver12x Squish your face.

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2022.01.17 14:27 enrichedfunctor Who keeps making these

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2022.01.17 14:27 dellchy17 Uh, Roach, you good?

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2022.01.17 14:27 niceblyat Music APIs to use in an iOS app

Hey folks, looking for some information regarding the use of music in an iOS app.
I am looking for an API which would allow to get audios/music and set it as a background audio for a video which would be made of users's photos and videos. We know a lot of examples of such apps, Instagram or Tik Tok for example, but those are big giants and they have their own ways of getting access to those music libraries.
However, there are also way smaller apps which manage to do it somehow. For example, there are some apps which use Spotify API - most of Spotify tracks have a 30-sec preview which those apps use to overlay over a video of a user.
That would work greatly for my app, I thought, and tried to integrate the Spotify API in the app but got denied when asking for a quota extensions (basically asking to go public mode from dev mode) because "Spotify content is used in the background of visual media, such as slideshow videos"
So if it is not allowed, how do the other apps do it?
Maybe some of you fellow developers had some experience in integrating alternative APIs to use music as video overlays etc. and can share some knowledge? :)
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