Hardcore EDM/Gabber artists like BANDETTO?

2022.01.17 13:53 StarslashOfficial Hardcore EDM/Gabber artists like BANDETTO?

I’ve been looking at some new gabber and hardcore edm songs/artists to find someone resembling BANDETTO’s style, but I haven’t found many that come close. I do like some Pegboard Nerds stuff, but they really don’t compare much. The main reason I like BANDETTO is how they use fast chaotic hardstyle instruments with an often digestibly slow main melody.
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2022.01.17 13:53 ItemNo1053 My ‘19 TRD Off Road in winter mode

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2022.01.17 13:53 Procedure-Deep All my Mystery snails mysteriously died

Well I see why they are called mystery snails now, I’m so confused! All 8 of my mystery snails died one by one to some illness in the span of a month. I test my water weekly using the API test kit, no changes and nothing bad. I have tons of other snails too 9 Rabbit, 3 Nerite, 2 JTD, 20 ramshorn, and bladder snails. None of these have been effected, but I did lose 1 out of 2 JTD snails in the beginning but they could be unrelated. I feed lots of stuff, Snello from Crayfish Empire, and a Variety of food from Snail tales, I also have bottom feeder food for my pleco that I feed extra of since it has more protein. As far as calcium goes I put calcium powder in my water, they are fed calcium chips, and cuddle bone is in my AquaClear I miss them and want more but idk what even killed them??
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2022.01.17 13:53 CulturalWindow You Think your family's psychotic?

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2022.01.17 13:53 Layla_Lili [TW: SH, suicide] Suffer Silently You Worthless Bitch

You brought this pain into your life,
every second, every day, every year,
handing you the answer in form of a knife,
don't ever expect for me to hear.
Make your arm look like a cutting board,
horizontal attention, vertical results,
but you will forever be ignored,
coming your way are more insults.
You are nothing but a waste of time,
don't come here and stop to bother me,
worth less than a single dime,
barely good enough to drink my pee.
Eat the shit you have been served,
follow the manners you were taught,
you know this meal is well deserved,
stop calling help, you fucking fraud.
No one ever wants you near them anyway,
stop crying and open up your ugly mouth,
your useless tongue is now my ashtray,
you know your life will keep to go south.
Stop expecting joy to come to you,
your existence no more than a glitch,
finally do what you have to do,
suffer silently you worthless bitch.
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2022.01.17 13:53 Rocky_Ozz Here's my favourite city of the region, took me 2h to complete!

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2022.01.17 13:53 delta_romeo_bravo A SNOW GOOSE found in a flock of Canada Goose, visited in New York City!

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2022.01.17 13:53 doug_glatt55 H: AA2525 ultra laser W: B2515r or B2525 NU or Ultra laser (will add tv aqua plan for NU)

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2022.01.17 13:53 jjjshabadoojr (Selling) Eyes of Tammy Faye, Oliver 4K, Sony Movie Buff $5 each or 2 for $9

Columbia titles still have Sony Rewards if applicable. All codes US. Paypal friends and family accepted
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2022.01.17 13:53 Tosscraft 6 pics: Ontario grizzly blending into its surroundings…

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2022.01.17 13:53 nhdtx A fictional mob boss, not decades of trickle down economics and horrible trade deals gave us Drumpf

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2022.01.17 13:53 jackfromDaEast Is there anyone in IS507?

Hi all,
Is there any other student in IS507 this semester? I couldn't find a zoom link on Canvas/Moodle to the course, and the first week should be online due to Covid.
I wonder if there is anyone in the same situation? Thanks.
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2022.01.17 13:53 pissekackeschaisse Cock?

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2022.01.17 13:53 -Dream-Smp-Fan- What cosplay should i make and post

If you wanna see a different one just coment
View Poll
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2022.01.17 13:53 YDAQ Sure you're not forgetting something?

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2022.01.17 13:53 Salrion How should I be upgrading/changing equipment?

Hello all!

I'm fairly new to Monster Hunter and just picked up Rise. I'm not quite understanding how the gear system works in regards to when I should be changing my armoforging new armor vs upgrading it!
The same for weapons!

How do I tell when it's time to get a different armor set or when I should upgrade my current? Should I be using different equipment for each monster?
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2022.01.17 13:53 zoltanj Work in progress town.

Well...it's a town. Currently unnamed. And unfinished. And I have no idea how to connect the temple island with the town coast,the current bridge is....eh,not good.Maybe they will have to rely on good ol' fashioned ferry service...And the tree wall thingy isn't working,either.Need to think something else.
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2022.01.17 13:53 AdventureMaterials Firuvin the Slayer - Session 2

This is session 2 of my Ironsworn actual play. Part 1 can be found on my blog. Part 3 should be finished by Thursday (and will conclude the adventure).
Character Sheet Firuvin the Warden, E1 H2 I3 S1 W2. Momentum 4, Health 5, Spirit 5, Supply 4. Assets: Alchemist 1, Herbalist 1, Slayer 1. Inventory: Sword, shield, mortar and pestle, elixir of clarity. Bonds: Ikram, veteran slayer. Lucia, scout and friend. Stonehall, border village. Vows: Slay the beast that killed his family (extreme, 0.0). Find Lucia’s caravan (dangerous, 0.0).
Starting the Adventure The path beneath the forest is nearly black. What little moonlight comes down from overhead is lost in the dense canopy. Firuvin unstoppers the elixir of clarity and downs it in a single draught.
Face Danger +Iron: 6+3i vs 6|2. Strong hit. +1 momentum and +1 wits until health, spirit, or momentum fall below 1.
Firuvin shudders as the potion hits his bloodstream. After a moment, the darkness seems to recede a little, and he can more clearly see the trees around him. He sets off at a run.
Undertake a Journey: 1+3w+1(bond) vs 1|5. Weak hit. -1 supply (3 left).
The road falls behind him as he moves toward the distant village of Stormbridge. [Troublesome Journey to Stormbridge: 3.0 progress.]
He stops to rest as the sun rises [Oracle: red+wood] in a grove of towering redwoods. The air here is damp, thick with fog. He eats quickly and finds a quiet corner to get a few hours of sleep.
Reminder: You can find links to every one of my solo session game reports on my Campaign Logs page.
Make Camp: 3+2(supply) vs 4|4. Strong hit with match! Focus (+1 momentum) and prepare (+1 to next journey).
Event: Support Resource.
He awakens feeling rest and quickly sets out on the trail again. Just as he’s leaving camp, he notices a thicket of blackberry bushes not far from the road. He stops to eat [+1 supply, lucky! Now at 4 supply].
Undertake a Journey: 6+3w+1(preparation) vs 1|10, weak hit. -1 Supply (3 left). [Journey to Stormbridge: 6.0 progress.]
The next few hours pass quickly. He sees no sign of the missing caravan, nothing to pull him from the road. He knows that the village of Stormbridge is close, however. Taking advantage of the dim light filtering down from above, Firuvin begins searching for signs of the missing caravan.
Gather Information: 6+3w vs 1|5, strong hit. +2 momentum (now 8), and Firuvin finds signs of the caravan.
It isn’t long before Firuvin spies them–ruts, driven off the road and into the decomposing undergrowth. He heads north, off the road, and into the darkest part of the wood.
Undertake a Journey: 3+3w vs 9|4, weak hit. -1 Supply (now 2). [Troublesome journey to Stormbridge: 9.0 progress.]
The trail twists north, down off the road and into leaf-strewn gullies. Eventually, the trail trends upward toward rolling, forested hills.
Reach your Destination: 9progress vs 6|6, strong hit with a match! Troublesome Journey to Stormbridge is complete.
Mark Progress (Find Lucia’s Caravan): 2.0 progress.
The wagon is there. It tilts crazily on a broken axle, but it’s there. Behind it, a yawning mouth opens into rocky earth. A cave. Firuvin moves slowly forward.
Are there any foes nearby? 50/50: 89, yes. Are they men? Likely: 79, yes. Because he is sneaking, Firuvin can attempt to secure an advantage before fighting.
Secure an Advantage (Shadow): 3+1s vs 7|9. Miss! Burn momentum: Weak hit. +1 momentum (now 3) and no advantage.
This was a rough roll. Firuvin is not much of a sneaker, but none of the other stats seemed appropriate for the situation.
Firuvin steps out into the clearing just as a pair of spearmen in leather arrive from the west. Both are caught flat-footed–bad timing all around. Firuvin wastes no time drawing his sword.
Battle: 3+3i vs 10|5. Weak hit. Pay the price: -1 health (4 left).
The battle passes in a blur. Firuvin lunges at the closer man, catches him beneath the arm with his sword. He turns aside the second man’s thrusting spear with his shield as the first spearman dies on the end of Firuvin’s blade. Firuvin tears the sword free and turns it on the remaining man. They face off for a moment, measuring each other. And then they both move forward. Soon, the second man is dead and Firuvin realizes that his side is burning. He looks–a long gash has torn through his armor and ripped a bloody gash in his side.
Endure Harm: 4+4health vs 8|1. Weak hit. Press on.
Firuvin grimaces and presses a strip of cloth against the wound until it clots. He is lucky–the wound looks worse than it is.
Oracle: Are the dead men bandits? Certain: Yes.
The corpses have the ragtag look of bandits–certainly not the concerted action of another warchief. One lucky break at least.
Gather Information to Find Signs of the Missing People: 5+3w vs 4|9. Weak hit. +1 momentum (now 4) and introduce trouble.
Signs of dragged cargo and kicking feet lead toward the nearby cave. Here, signs of a struggle. There, a splash of blood stains a fallen leaf. Not good, but at least Firuvin is in the right spot. [Mark Progress: Find Lucia’s Caravan (4.0).]
He marches up to the mouth of the cave and peers into the darkness. [Can he hear anything? 50/50: 74, yes. What? Communicate Warning (that was a timely roll)] He hears a shout from down below, sounds of a battle. He recognizes Lucia’s voice. She’s still alive, at least. He hefts his sword and readies his shield.
[At this point I would normally run a delve, but I don’t have my Delve book or domain cards downloaded on this computer, so instead I’ll simply run it narratively using the oracle and a troublesome Journey.]
Troublesome Explore the Caves: 0.0
Undertake a Journey: 3+3w vs 4|2. Strong hit! Make progress without using supply and reach a waypoint. Explore the Caves: 3.0.
What is in the first chamber? Abandon Spirit
The cave air is filled with the scent of blood. As Firuvin’s eyes adjust to the gloom, he sees the bodies. [Are they all the bodies of caravaners? Certain: 99, yes.] Firuvin recognizes a few of the slain. All from Stonehall. At least none of them are Lucia.
[Because of the strong hit, I rule that this section is unguarded.]
Undertake a Journey: 5+3w vs 2|7. Strong hit! Make progress without using supply and reach waypoint. Explore the Caves: 6.0.
What is in the second chamber? Refuse Community (stolen goods denied to the community)
The tunnel continues deeper into the hillside. Soon, it emerges into a larger cave, stuffed full of crates and bags filled with goods. Firuvin searches them quickly.
Resupply: 2+3w vs 5|6. Miss. No supply and pay the price.
Unfortunately, the bags are stuffed full of lumber and wool and hard grains–nothing Firuvin can use. He wastes a few minutes searching but finds nothing of immediate value. [-1 momentum, now 3.] The master of Stonehall will be pleased, however. [Reach a Milestone: Find Lucia’s Caravan: 6.0.]
Undertake a Journey: 6+3w vs 5|3. Strong hit! No supply used. Explore the Caves: 9.0.
Progress Roll: 9 vs 9|0. Miss (ARGH!). Clear all but one progress and increase difficulty to Dangerous.
What is in the third chamber? Clash Peace. Enemies!
The tunnel slopes downward. The air grows stale. Can’t be long now. It eventually opens again into a long hall. Men turn as Firuvin steps into the open. Hard men, desperate men, dressed in rags and carrying hammers and flimsy shields. It doesn’t take them long to see that he isn’t one of theirs–and it doesn’t take him long to realize that Lucia isn’t here.
Behind the men, a tunnel sinks darkly into the earth. Strange sounds come up from below, and the air in the room feels odd, heavy. Bad things lurk below.
Group of Bandits (Dangerous Enemy).
Swear an Iron Vow: Rescue Lucia from the Depths (Troublesome). 0.0. 1+2h+1(bond with Lucia) vs 4|4. Miss. -2 momentum (now 1).
[I'm taking the penalty here but I'm allowing myself to swear the vow anyway, because it makes more sense for the story. Firuvin will just suffer a sense of the weight of the task as he does.]
Firuvin roars are the three men rise to face him. He will beat them. He will rescue Lucia. They will all fall. But why does he feel a tightness in his chest? Greater beasts than these have fallen to his blade…
[Although I would like to Enter the Fray using Wits, I’m not sure this counts as an Ambush. I think we’re facing off on equal ground. That means Heart.]
Enter the Fray: 6+2h vs 6|2, strong hit. +2 momentum (now 3) and Firuvin has initiative.
Firuvin charges forward, hoisting his sword as he runs. He throws his torch, causing the nearest bandit to flinch away as the burning brand strikes him in the face.
Strike: 6+3i vs 7|9, weak hit. Inflict Harm (2.0) and lose initiative.
The man flinches back as the torch burns him, but the others leap over their benches and are on Firuvin in an instant.
Clash: 4+3i vs 6|3. Strong hit. Inflict +1 Harm (5.0) and gain initiative.
Firuvin dances back as the pair advance. He then lunges forward, catching one man’s axe on his shield as his sword punctures the other attacker’s chest. The man gasps and falls back as he dies. Two left.
Strike: 5+3i vs 9|8. Miss! Lose initiative and pay the price–2 harm (2 health left).
Endure Harm: 3+3i vs 1|10. Weak hit. Press on.
Firuvin’s attack falls short as the burned man shakes off the pain and lashes out with the dagger he’s holding. It cuts deeply into Firuvin’s leg and sends the slayer reeling back.
Clash: 6+3i vs 1|9. Weak hit. Inflict harm (7.0) but Pay the price. 2 harm. 0 health left (wits are back to 2, the elixir wore off).
Endure Harm: 6+3i vs 1|1. Strong hit and match!
Embrace the pain: +1 momentum (now 4).
Because of the match, I’ll say that Firuvin can Secure an Advantage: 3+3i vs 9|3, weak hit. +1 momentum (now 5).
The fight becomes a mad scramble for blood. The second bandit falls. Firuvin feels a blade bite into his ribs. He growls and pushes through, gets his shield up under the last man’s chin.
Clash: 5+3i vs 7|10. Weak hit. Inflict Harm (9.0) but Pay the Price. -2 momentum (now 3).
Since Firuvin has the three down to the last man, and he’s wounded and pinned, I’ll rule that he can’t inflict harm, but that Firuvin loses 2 momentum as the man fights to his feet.
The man kicks Firuvin off of him and climbs to his feet. Grunting, Firuvin fights through the pain in his leg and lashes out with the last bit of his strength.
Turn the Tide Strike: 4+3i+1 vs 7|1. Strong hit! Inflict Harm (10) and +1 momentum (now 4).Finish the Fight: 10 vs 1|6. Strong hit!
His blade whips out. It catches the bandit in the belly, tears him down. Firuvin climbs atop him, finishes the job, and then he collapses against the table leg, panting.
Reach a Milestone: Rescue Lucia from the Depths (3.0).
He pulls himself to his feet using the edge of the table. At the other end of the room lies the tunnel downward. It will wait, but not long.
Check Gear: Does Firuvin have enough herbs to heal himself? 4+2supply vs 3|8. Weak hit. Yes, +1m (now 5), -1 supply (now 1).
Heal: 2+2w+2(herbalist) vs 6|1. Weak hit. +2 health (now 2) but -1m (now 4).
Resupply: 1+2w vs 6|5, miss. -1m (now 3).
Firuvin fetches a few herbs from his pouch and pounds them into a poultice before binding them around his bleeding leg. He looks around for anything else of use, any food, even a drink to dull the pain, but everything of value was spilled or trampled during the fight.
He grunts and rises, tests the leg. Not great, but it will hold. He limps along the chamber toward the tunnel.
Well, that sure went to heck pretty quickly. I wonder if I should have attempted to do more narrative and mechanical improvising during the fight to improve Firuvin’s odds. I’m still pretty new to the system. Perhaps Securing an Advantage as much as I can before rolls–risking lighter consequences that Harm on failure, etc.–would have helped. Alternately, maybe I just had bad luck, or maybe fights are too risky for new characters. I’ll have to keep investigating. It was a fun session though!
Character Sheet Firuvin the Warden, E1 H2 I3 S1 W2. Momentum 3, Health 2, Spirit 5, Supply 1. Assets: Alchemist 1, Herbalist 1, Slayer 1. Inventory: Sword, shield, mortar and pestle. Bonds: Ikram, veteran slayer. Lucia, scout and friend. Stonehall, border village. Vows: Slay the beast that killed his family (extreme, 0.0). Find Lucia’s caravan (dangerous, 6.0). Rescue Lucia from the Depths (3.0). Progress: Explore the Caves (Dangerous) 1.0.
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2022.01.17 13:53 Tedstor Recommend a leather headcover for my driver

The headcover that Callaway preowned included with my Mavrik driver sucks. Its got one of those sock thingies attached to the bottom of it, and its a hassle to take on and off.
I think I just want to pony up for a great quality headcover, and use it for the next 20 years (or more). Heres what I 'think' I want.
- REAL leather. Preferably a darker brown.
- Great quality
- simple design that is easy to take on/off.
- no skulls, or slogans....anything beyond just a "1" embroidered on the top would be too much. Id be fine with zero decorations.
- I'd like to pay $75-100, at most.
Yes, I've googled and found a few candidates. But its always hard to tell if a product is truly a well-made item, or sweatshop garbage with a premium price and terrible design flaws.
Any thoughts? Thanks
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2022.01.17 13:53 Due-Percentage69 The Hungry Games

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2022.01.17 13:53 Cillian8967 Teachers of Reddit: How has youth culture changed over the last 5-10 years?

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2022.01.17 13:53 john_ch Russia denies looking for pretext to invade Ukraine

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2022.01.17 13:53 Cyanopicacooki My weekend ride was a tad less dreich this week - Glen Clova, looking towards Glen Doll, 10am Sun 16th Jan.

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2022.01.17 13:53 Traditional-Stick-21 A Character Every Day in the Hair Colors of Total Drama... Justin (4/86)

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