Woodcraft Complex in North Van - is it worth risking it?

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2022.01.17 12:57 mrsoliveinc Woodcraft Complex in North Van - is it worth risking it?

Morning y'all!
My partner and I are looking at renting in Woodcraft Complex on Fullerton Ave. I saw a few really nasty reviews about lack of security and loud construction but they are all from a year ago. Realtor is saying all the loud construction is done which seems sus and not something I can get in writing. Any current or recent residents on here that can share their experince?
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2022.01.17 12:57 Essshayne How could they improve the inventory system

Since it's been said a bit too much (on my guilty end), I was wondering how they could fix up the inventory a bit. I was thinking having 1 slot for everything, but capping it at certain numbers could work, so you don't accidently pick too many of one thing taking up 6-7 slots (Ridgewood for me is the worst), or perhaps making it so we can put our own caps on it, but I just wanted to hear your guys' opinion. Any ideas on tweaks they could do to help the inventory?
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2022.01.17 12:57 amancoreseg OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G open to upgrade ColorOS 12

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2022.01.17 12:57 AnxiousBear6981 I asked him to block me.

I know it shows weakness but i am still completely shattered about you leaving so abruptly. I have so many things to say and questions to ask but you seem so frosty. You dont love me anymore, i know. Its hard to accept that. So instead of getting cold replies from you, id rather you block me so i wont be messaging you anymore.
Yes, I’ve no self control. Im in so much pain that i cant think straight.
I am depressed. I wanna escape this pain.
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2022.01.17 12:57 secondsniglet Washington state - no case updates since DOH doesn't publish on holidays - 1/16/2022 Case Updates

I am making a duplicate daily post on CoronavirusWAData/ as an experiment. If a lot of people start following my daily posts over there I may stop posting on CoronavirusWA.
There is no case update today. The department of health does not update their data dashboard on weekends.

In observance of the Thanksgiving (November 25) and Native American Heritage Day (November 26) holidays, DOH will not update the COVID-19 Data Dashboard on Thursday and Friday this week. We will include data from Thursday and Friday in the Monday (November 29) dashboard update.
I record the reported daily Washington COVID stats on my Google docs spreadsheet.
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2022.01.17 12:57 coldgin37 Help choosing a machine

I've been lurking here for a while and am contemplating pulling the trigger on my 1st espresso machine. I've been drinking Bialetti mokapot and espresso from my Delonghi superautomatic for the past 10 years and feel like its time for an upgrade. I have made a few espressos on my brother's Rocket Mozzafiato R so I am confident I will enjoy the process but I am a novice with next to no experience whatsoever. I am of the mentality to buy something once and keep it for 10+ years. I usually have 2 espressos before lunch and maybe another (espresso, latte or other drink in the afternoon). I will probably make 12+ drinks if entertaining guests.
I am in Canada and these are the machines I am considering, feel free to recommend other models. I have only seen and used the Rocket.
ECM Synchronica with flow control 5,098.00$ Lelit Bianca 3,795.00$ Rocket Mozzafiato R 3,700.00$
The ECM is on the high end of the price range which is why I am hesitant. The Rocket does not have flow control, but do I really need it since I haven't even come close to mastering making a basic espresso. Finally the 1st 2 machines are dual boiler and the Rocket is a HX, do I really need a dual boiler ? Based on youtube videos and reviews, the fit and finish on the Lelit seems "lacking" compared to the other 2 ie: I do not like the "bbq style" grate on the drip tray and top. Ultimately I know all 3 machines will make a great coffee.
Recommendations are appreciated.
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2022.01.17 12:57 Timebom8 Just used the graphene jacket yesterday in heavy rain

Just used it yesterday in heavy rain and gotta say it worked flawlessly. The wind was strong and cold and it managed to keep my torso dry and warm.
Vollebak’s quality is quite up there when comparing to other techwear brands.
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2022.01.17 12:57 ToyotaCorollin Whelen digital dual-tone siren synth

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2022.01.17 12:57 Abhisu Budget headphones for gaming, music, YouTube and daily use?

Hi all, I am looking for headphones below $100 that would work with gaming/PS4 (Hearing footsteps, recognizing surroundings, etc.), listening to music and watching videos. Don't really want to purchase a gaming headset since they are pretty one dimensional but do need a headphone with mic for gaming. I currently am looking at SHP 9500, HD559 and K361 but am not sold on them. Willing to go a little over budget if its the right one. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.17 12:57 The_Martian989 Reallt hard to enjoy dbd

I have recently been playing halo, and I have to say that trying to go back to dbd is almost impossible. I'm a killer main and every time I get paired with individuals that run all meta perks even though I'm ash ranking. I really have just given up on the game, there is literally nothing that makes me happy about it anymore.
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2022.01.17 12:57 Saboteure How come Arena doesn't add the supplemental commander cards from each set?

It seems weird to me to intentionally not include the supplemental commander cards for historic brawl purposes. Just thinking it'd be cool if Wilhelt and Millicent would be available as commanders along with their card pool, and most (if not all) the cards would not be particular powerful considering they often care about having multiple opponents. Strefan could only make one blood token, etc.
Just sad because Ranar and his foretell support cards could have been a cool commander on Arena. I also think theyd have a chance to increase sales / cross promotion by including codes for the cards with the pre-con. Felise would have been another awesome card to have.
Finally, they're selection of cards included from Modern Horizons (1&2) seems so random. We got Svyelun, DRC, Serra's Emissary, but then we're missing the planeswalkers (I can't imagine any of them would be too strong) , archon of cruelty, etc. But I AM GLAD Ragavan isn't in Historic so there's that I guess.
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2022.01.17 12:57 shashi_pai_b What Caesar looking at ?

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2022.01.17 12:57 KimAnake Es malo no cenar? Que cosas son recomendables cenar y a que hora es la mejor?

Soy una persona que come solo 3 veces al dia, pero a la hora de cenar no siempre lo hago, mi mamá me regaña conque necesito cenar (me dijo el porque era importante pero no recuerdo que fue xd ) es verdad que es tan necesario? Y en el caso de ser asi, que cosas son recomendables cenar y a que hora es la mejor?
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2022.01.17 12:57 LumiGhostToken AirDrop - 5.000.000 $LUMIGHOST Tokens

AirDrop - 5.000.000 $LUMIGHOST Tokens $LUMIGHOST has got its first 100 holders. So, on this occasion, we’re launching AirDrop and going to give away 5.000.000 tokens! Read delails : https://twitter.com/lumighost/status/1481681790045675521 And take part in AirDrop!
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2022.01.17 12:57 deathbysnushnuu 33 [M4F] Denver Shouting into the Universe, Hoping it Shouts Back

Hello :3 nerdork (nerd and a dork) extraordinaire, Cabaret music enthusiast and couch connoisseur here. Looking for a person to talk to, cuddle, swoon and think about (with or without your permission) in the bathtub.
I like those who are shorter than me, which isn’t hard as I am 6’4”. That’s 193 cm for those of you with accents. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇳🇴 🇵🇱 🇩🇪 😉 I like video games (mainly pc), anime (isekai is a tasty jam), I have a cat and dog (I love animals), music is pretty awesome (except new country).
More about me looks wise. I have a shaved head (cause I’m bald), I’m 230lbs or 104kg for those of you who could seduce me with that accent. One of my arms has a sleeve, I am a jeans, leatheJean jacket and boots kinda guy (no not yeehaw boots). I look damn good in a beanie which I wear regularly during winter. The worlds largest penis is 13.5 inches, no that isn’t me. Just a random fact 🙃
Congrats if you read all of that. Your prize for participating is me :D
Ps- red hair drives me insane. I know you can’t fully control your hair (trust me, I’m bald). Don’t let that discourage you from sending a message though ;)
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2022.01.17 12:57 dheerajchand What is a training practice from another martial art you have incorporated into your own training, and to what end?

I’ll go first.
Problem: I have huge legs like tree trunks. My thighs make it hard to get and stay low. They start burning after a while, no matter how much stance training I do.
Solutions: I have adopted from Hakkoryu Jujutsu the practice of trying to sit in Seiza position for half an hour a few times a week.
I have also adopted circle walking (“turning”) from Baguazhang. I have found that turning the circle and changing levels as I move is difficult, but rewarding.
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2022.01.17 12:57 GladCricket If you could change your race, what would you want to be?

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2022.01.17 12:57 coldcynic Eight Sexist Themes From The Witcher TV Show

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2022.01.17 12:57 peter095837 What Criterion Upgrades Would You Love to See?

What current Criterion Movies you would love to see be upgraded in the collection. For example, I would love to see an upgrade of Mon Oncle Antoine.
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2022.01.17 12:57 rashhhhhhhhh Finally found the BEST steak in town! Shezan Restaurant

I'd posted a few months ago here about how I was looking for the best steak in town. I've tried multiple places and was always unhappy with either the portion size (ALWAYS) or the fact that it was just drowning in sugary BBQ sauce or just dry, chewy meat that my hands would ache after slicing. I can happily say, I ate THE BEST steak I've ever had today.

Shezan Restaurant, running since 1989 on Ali Asker road, just blew my mind. Amazing portions, and perfectly cooked. The outside of the steaks were nice and charred and peppery, while the inside was pink and succulent AF. I literally cannot say how amazing it was. To provide context, I weigh 54 kgs and ate over half a kilo of meat in 40 minutes (literally, we knew what the steaks weighed). I finally got the authentic flavour of the meat without the fuck tonne of sugary sauce that's always added in other places. The prices are AMAZING and the place is not pretentious.

The best part was the owner. He was the kindest and nicest person I've met in months. One of those people who genuinely love feeding people and run a restaurant because of that, not as a business. He literally came to adjust our table while we were eating leaning forward, and took a long time to explain each steak and understand what we wanted. He saw us eating so much, he was overjoyed and just sent two other types of steak for us to try, on the house. I'm not posting this because of that, but because I finally experienced wonderful hospitality and amazing food at GOOD prices after ages.

I was sick of visiting pretentious uppity steakhouses or blowing cash to get a half-decent meal. This place came as a godsend. I can say that it will be my steak place in Bangalore forever now. I literally can't wait to go again. I'm only miserable I didn't discover it myself earlier or hear about the place's steaks sooner.

If you love a good steak, give it a try!
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2022.01.17 12:57 NinjaGiraffe48 Video camera repair help

Hi all,
I've got a broken camcorder from the mid 2000s that has stopped working and I have exhausted what little knowledge I have trying to fix it. I've been into the PC world and the London Camera Exchange to try and ask for some advice on how to best get it working again but neither could help. I was wondering is there anyone you know locally that could help repair my video camera? I'd quite like to be able to use it again.
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.17 12:57 abcnocturn Great coop Tabletop wargames?

Hey everyone, my lovely wife played some games of Gaslands with me and liked it partially. She especially dislikes the competitve versus nature of the game. So I'm looking for a great beginner coop tabletop wargame. Currently on my list is only Rangers from the shadow deep. Any other recommendations? Especially something with zombies would be perfect, since we both played the PC game Left4Dead a Lot!
Kind regards, abcNocturn
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2022.01.17 12:57 AndresMaza2309 Milk

Milk Literally milk, just random pic of milk for the milk gang
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